Become a Millionaire Real Estate Investor

millionaire real estate investor

Millionaire Real Estate Investor by Kerry Patterson is the perfect guide for people who are dreaming of becoming rich by investing in the real estate market. It is time to put your dreams into action, and stop wasting time, thinking, talking, or picturing the good life that investing in real estate can provide you with. It is time to begin doing… And this book is going to show you exactly where to begin! Everyone knows that real estate investment can be an effective way to develop wealth and reach ultimate financial freedom. This book is going to outline how to take this dream to the next level.


Many millionaire real estate investors are making their money now, from the sale of commercial property, strip malls, and other prime investment properties. However, to become a millionaire real estate investor, you must also invest in residential and commercial properties as well. And even then, the profits will be multiplied not only by the amount of money you earn from each property, but by the number of properties you manage to purchase during any given year. No matter how large your investment portfolio, you can rest assured that it will continue to grow while benefiting from continual increases in its value.


This is true wealth, because although most millionaire real estate investors obtain financial freedom by purchasing commercial and residential properties that they can then resell, most of them never do. There are many common myths that surround real estate investments, and most of them are simply misconceptions. These misconceptions can actually be very dangerous; especially when you take the word of those who are actually involved in it, because these people may try to convince you that you need to spend a lot of money in order to achieve success with investing.


One of the biggest misconceptions is that investing is all about buying a lot of expensive properties and renting them out to make a profit. The truth is, there are five models of real estate investment; the net worth model, the line model, the residual income model, the value of acquisition model, and the capital gains model. These models have different methods of calculating success, and millionaire real estate investors should understand these differences.


A net worth model is designed to calculate the total value of all investment properties that a millionaire real estate investor has purchased, at any one time. This includes both the actual value and the fair market value at the time of purchase. For a more accurate representation of this figure, it is recommended that an appraiser be brought in as well. This is especially necessary for the values in the net worth model, because they cannot accurately be estimated by a single person.


On the other hand, a line model is the most widely used among real estate investors. It is also the least accurate of the models, as it doesn’t include any reinvestment gains or any reinvestment losses, so a more exact comparison can’t be made. Because of this, the value of acquisition model, also known as the residual income model, is used more often by millionaire real estate investors.


The last model, the value of acquisition model, was developed to calculate how much, if anything, an investor is able to retain for himself after making an investment. This is usually done by dividing the net gain by the amount that was invested, or alternatively, multiplying the net gain by the total amount that was invested. Many wealthy real estate investors incorporate the practice of dividing net gains into their yearly returns, to ensure that their net worth stays relatively level even as they age. However, some wealthy investors do not use this method, as they believe that it does not take into account the changing value of the market.


Regardless of which of these three models you choose to use in your investing, you will be required to meet certain criteria, terms, and network. You must be aware of all three of these criteria, and be willing to adjust your methods to take into account them. You must be familiar with the current practices in the field of investing in order to be able to apply these changes to your portfolio and minimize the risks associated with them. Finally, you must be willing to invest significant time into your research, as your success is only as good as your research. If you are serious about becoming a millionaire real estate investor, take the time to become familiar with the criteria, terms, and networks of successful investors before you begin investing.

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