Sirius Real Estate Investor Relations

sirius real estate investor relations

Sirius radio is one of the few remaining national voices for real estate. And, as it turns out, one of its most popular and successful voices happens to be Howard Roberts. He’s the genius behind the Sirius Real Estate Investment newsletter and its radio counterparts, and his advice can be invaluable to just about anybody who is thinking about getting into the business. But what exactly does Howard Roberts have to say about investing in real estate?


In this interview, we will find out the secrets that Howard Roberts knows about Sirius and real estate investor relations. We’ll find out how he goes about getting himself on the air, and how he builds his reputation as an “expert”. We’ll also learn what he thinks people are not always told on radio shows about their careers, interests, and life goals – and why he thinks people should do things differently when it comes to making money on the radio. If you enjoy this sort of thing (and if you’ve never heard a Howard Roberts interview, you definitely should), then this is a must-read. This will give you the inside scoop on how Howard Roberts makes a killing from his various radio shows. You’ll never miss another word from him.


So what’s so great about Howard Roberts? After making a career for himself as a radio DJ, Howard Roberts developed a love for real estate. So, when he decided to develop a website about the business, he knew right away that he wanted to do something that would appeal to the widest audience possible. The result was his Sirius radio show – which continues to air today.


What does Howard Roberts have to say about real estate investor relations? In this brief interview, we will learn about how to build relationships with other investors and how to get your name out there through the radio. You will also learn how to use social media effectively in attracting potential clients to your radio station. In short, Howard Roberts has definitely made himself an interesting personality in the radio world.


When it comes to Sirius real estate investor relations, Howard Roberts takes a no-nonsense approach to his job. Instead of using complicated language, he uses plain talk to get his point across. He tells people to “stop listening to those assholes on the radio” – and then gives them an advice that can be easily understood. It’s pretty amazing that someone who has been a DJ for so long would have such simple and effective advice for building up his radio career.


We can learn a lot from Howard Roberts’ attitude and the way he approaches people. For someone who has spent so many years building his reputation on the airwaves, this is very refreshing. As an example, one of the things that he often says on his show is that people who don’t communicate with him properly are often like “weed” growing in the wrong places. The same goes for marketing – if you understand how to market on the airwaves, you’ll find that you can get a lot more exposure than you probably would by simply advertising your product in the Yellow Pages.


Howard Roberts is definitely on the cutting edge of Sirius real estate investor relations. As he states on his show, “the problem isn’t that people don’t listen to me, it’s that they don’t know where to find me.” This is certainly true in radio. A lot of people listen to Howard Roberts, but not because he is a funny guy, or because he is an informative host. They listen to him because he sells a quality product: information. It doesn’t matter whether you sell cars, houses, futures or whatever, if no one knows what you are talking about, your business is going to suffer.


One thing that many people have found useful when it comes to Sirius real estate investor relations is the ability to call in and speak with a live professional. If you happen to have a question about the process of investing in New Jersey property or any other type of real estate, but you do not have an assistant who can answer your questions, you can call in and speak to Howard Roberts. You’ll be able to get any help or information that you need when it comes to marketing, as well as any advice that you’d like. All you have to do is call in.

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