Puebla, Nuevo Latino America’s First Online Spanish Learning System

Free software is computer programs distributed under specific terms that enable users to manipulate, control, and then share and distribution it and any modified versions. In a sense, free software can be considered the ultimate form of open-access software because it allows its users to use, study, modify, improve and share it. This type of software is usually licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) or the GNU Lesser General Public License (L LGPL). These licenses provide freedom for the user to use and study the program, but does not give the user freedom to redistribute it. This is different from copyright which gives the owner of the copyright exclusive right to distribute the software. For instance, if an author wants to create five books about the history of computing, each book would have to be copyrighted.

que es software libre


que es software libre, in Latin, stands for “free software public license”. The term “public license” is used because the user may have to abide by certain terms and conditions in using the software. The most common license is the LGPL which grants unrestricted use, distribution, and modification of the software while the more restrictive LGPLv2 allows distribution only to those who are planning on writing code that directly functions with the program. LGPLv2 also requires that the end user purchase a compatible program and pass an evaluation that may be difficult for some users to pass.


The main project of this software libre is to produce an educational CD-ROM that provides a user friendly environment to explore the history of computing. The program has a strong emphasis on practical applications with the CD-ROMs containing worksheets for students to build their own applications. The tools of the program include a textbook for a user to follow along, as well as a set of tools for working with the language, as well as several tools that allow the user to browse through the Spanish language.


Another important tool in this type of free software is the queuing system. The queuing system is the device that controls and coordinates the work pieces in a system. This is a vital part of the learning experience and helps children to become more organized. One major component of the queuing system is the ability to pause during instruction so the child can take a break. Once the child tires of the lesson, it is easy to restart the section that was being taught. It is important that this type of free software offers the user plenty of instruction, including the correct application procedures.


The program provides support for the Spanish language including grammar, sentence structure, and orthography. The children will be able to improve their reading skills through audio, visual, and writing activities. Learning to speak Spanish words correctly is important for these reasons: the ability to speak the language competently opens new job opportunities; the need for bilingual workers is on the rise; and the number of visitors from the United States and other countries increases. With the increase in visitors, the need for interpreters also rises. These types of free software programs are beneficial to children in that they build their reading, writing, and speaking skills while being educated in the Spanish language. This is a huge benefit that no dollar can buy.


Aside from the reading and writing sections, the Que Es software package also provides great customer support. If you have any questions or concerns, you will be able to call the technical support service at no charge. This is an important service because many parents make the mistake of letting their children use the computer and then having problems with it.


Many businesses, both large and small, are providing this type of free software as a valuable incentive to their customers. For one, it helps children develop important business skills such as organization and problem solving. It teaches them how to communicate, as well. And best of all, it can teach those same children to respect other people’s rights, including the right to freedom of speech, expression, and copyleft.


In conclusion, there is no arguing that the benefits of the Que Es software are tremendous. Children are able to learn valuable lessons that can prepare them for the future. At the same time, parents are ensured that their children are learning valuable lessons without spending a lot of money. As a parent, I am very glad that Tambi Nuerta took such a conscientious effort to create an excellent product that educates, entertains, and stimulates, all in one small package!

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