The AudioQuest DragonFly series has made a strong guarantee from the start: plug this little USB dongle into your PC or cell phone and it will change the manner in which your music sounds. I had first experienced the first DragonFly in my bumbling long periods of Beats earphones and SkullCandy earbuds, I was suspicious. “Clearly nothing might actually work on the sound of earphones planned by the man himself – Dr. Dre! It’s absolutely not worth purchasing!”


The Dragonfly Cobalt is about the size of a standard ¼” link terminal, and handles both sign and power through the single USB association. The included Dragon Tail connector adds some extra size, however even with the connector appended it’s altogether more modest than practically some other DAC/Amp out there.

To the extent highlights, well… there’s very little to be had in that office. There are positively no equipment controls or changes – it doesn’t have its own volume handle. This is a basic, direct, single reason gadget. Plug it in, and it’ll change your 1s or 0s over to real music.

Talking about connecting it, the DragonFly Cobalt is attachment and play with most current OSes and cell phones. The association on the actual DragonFly is a standard USB-A, and you can get it bundled with either a USB-C or Micro USB Dragon Tail connector for simpler association with your PC or Android telephone. Assuming you need to interface it to an iPhone, you’ll need to buy a USB to Lightning connector independently.


Movability is extraordinary, however assuming you’ve invested any energy investigating compact audiophile gear, you’ve presumably seen two or three dozen promotions for different modest versatile DACs for your telephone or PC that may even be more modest than a DragonFly. All in all, why not get one of them? The vital contrast with the DragonFly Cobalt is that while its distinctive component is its movability, it’s an incredible DAC by its own doing.

The result is adjusted, and perfectly clear. There is no observable “edge” in the sign, or any clamor. I tried it with an assortment of earphones and IEMs, and observed that it drew out the great parts of each, and surprisingly tempered a portion of their inadequacies. Specifically, Meze Audio 99 Classics will more often than not have somewhat sloppy bass with most sources. With the DragonFly, the bass in the 99 Classics looked great depending on the occasion, and was significantly more sound without losing any of its power or profundity. On the opposite finish of the range, the Noble M3 IEMs which I’ve viewed as too splendid before, were still brilliant, yet rather than feel sharp at the top end they felt more smooth and vaporous.

Since it needs controls for high/low addition or distinctive impedences, and depends on your telephone or PC for volume control, volume the board can be a little test. As far as volume, the different over-ear earphones I attempted were extraordinary, and the oBravo Cupids required the volume turned down a bit. At the point when I connected Campfire Andromedas, I at first needed to turn my framework volume down to 1 to get a decent listening volume. I was in the long run ready to utilize a blend of the volume settings in the product player and the framework to track down a decent equilibrium, however you might have to accomplish some work to dial in a listenable volume with some IEMs. As a positive, volume to the side, any addition or impedance bungle that may have existed didn’t make any murmur or commotion on any of the items I tried.

First thing, assuming that you want conveyability and straightforwardness regardless of anything else in an audiophile quality DAC, the DragonFly Cobalt is the thing that you’re searching for. Regardless of whether compactness is certainly not a high need, the Cobalt is as yet a solid competitor in the $300 territory for a convenient DAC/Amp. With the right blend of straightforwardness, outrageous compactness, and sound quality, the DragonFly Cobalt is an extraordinary device to assist you with drawing out the most incredible in your music any place you go.

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