How to saving top premium finance payment in 2022

Saving money is an important thing that everyone should pay attention to saving, especially for low-income people who should try to save as much as possible to have money for other needs in life. Of course, saving money is the purpose of increasing your money, and you need to save money with a clear goal in order to save, such as saving as investment capital or saving as business capital. Original.

In terms of saving, if you keep your traditional savings, your savings will not increase but will decrease. Some of you may be wondering why you are trying to save but your savings are declining.
Traditional savings refer to savings at home, such as saving in a pillowcase, saving in a bookcase, or in a safe. Saving like this can make your money even smaller. Whether you save at home, even if you save at a bank, your interest rates can go down if you keep your interest rates low.

This decrease in savings is related to inflation in the market, which means that the price of goods or services in the market goes up, but the value of your money decreases.

For example, this year a duck egg costs 500 riels, but next year a duck egg may cost 700 riel, which means that the price of goods on the market goes up and the worth of your cash goes down.

Some people think that saving at home also increases their money if they try to save every month. However, they forget to think about the inflation that always eats their money, because if the inflation increases from year to year, their savings will lose value or decrease in value.

For example, if our inflation rate is 3% but your savings interest rate does not exceed 3%, your money will not increase, but your money will decrease.

In order to increase your savings, you need to know the rules of saving money, especially to save in the bank by choosing a fixed savings account to get high-interest rates can save from 4 to 7%. Years. For example, you save $ 1,000 in a bank with an interest rate of 7% per year, then one year you will receive $ 1,070.

In addition, you can save money with other things if you think that by depositing money in the bank, your money grows slowly. You take money to do other things that can get a profit on the bank, such as investing money in the stock market, investing money to buy land, because investing in land and stocks, you can have a chance to get more than 10% profit per Years as long as you have the knowledge and understanding to invest in these areas.


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