Learn the pros and cons of setting up a real estate agency by buying a franchise.

For those who are new to the business, starting a business, buying a business license, or as we often say, the franchise is also very popular in the business context in Cambodia today. However, it offers both good and bad points.

In his book “Real Estate Street” by Mr. Keam Siek Long, the advantages and disadvantages of opening a franchise real estate company are summarized as follows:

1 Advantage

-Master franchise helps to advise and organize the office from the beginning, including the selection of office decoration, company registration, providing the necessary documents and standards of execution and training, guidance system, and provide various strategies.

Master Franchise’s global reputation promotes our new business, quickly recognizing and gaining the trust of our customers, and also facilitating the recruitment of staff.

There will be regular support and advice, guidance, and training with teachers who have a lot of experience in this field in the country and from abroad. Help organize study tours to learn from those countries as well.

With- Large network, many people have the power to negotiate good big projects with high brokerage and the best conditions.

2 Disadvantages

It costs a lot of money to buy a franchise and set up an office according to the standard and requires that the monthly franchise be paid in a fixed amount or as a percentage of the income. Office design and location selection are limited, can not have the right to choose to organize the office according to their ability or location.

– We do not own the brand ourselves, help build a reputation for others, we can make money, but not the brand itself.

– We are not the business owners ourselves who have the right to decide everything, some jobs, we can achieve some jobs to pass to the Master Franchise.

-Master Franchise sells more business rights, while our market is smaller.

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