Ly Hour Group Gains Famous Reputation in Cambodia

Ly hour Insurance CC was established at the end of 2017. Obtained a general insurance business license from the Ministry of Economy and Finance on December 22, 2017 with a total registered capital of 9.317 million US dollars and officially launched on the 29th. January 2018. Ly Hour InSuren CC was founded by Duke Ly Hour and his family.

We believe that the following key points are successful in competing with business partners in the insurance industry:

1. Ly Hour Group gained a good reputation in Cambodia because of its honesty and truth.
2. Providing confidence and security to customers by providing insurance contracts that are accurate, clear, acceptable, and a clear understanding of the contract to meet the needs of customers. .
3. Friendly staff and quick response to customer needs, especially compensation services.
4. Management has experience in the field of general insurance.
5. Use of modern technology in communication, cash payment, compensation and other on-demand services.
6. Strong financial support from parent companies and insurance companies with “A” financial status.
7. Ly Hour Insurance CC will continue to provide training to all staff so that they have sufficient knowledge and effectively enhance their personal professional skills.

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