With its mix of great sound, form quality, and reasonable price tag, the Meze 99 Classics have been the primary taste of Hi-Fi individual sound for some individuals. With their one of a kind look and dynamic low-end, they’re likewise filled in as an incredible scaffold between standard buyer brands and store top of the line brands. Five years on from their unique delivery, how about we investigate how the 99 Classics satisfied their name to, for sure, become exemplary.



Having dealt with various earphones in the 99 Classics value range – from Bose and Beats to HIFIMAN and Audio-Technical – the 99 Classics plainly have the absolute most premium materials and upscale feel of anything in their group.

The included bundle gives a hard shaped case, a few links and connectors, and a little fabric case for holding the links. The included links are 3.5mm and 3.5mm w/mic, while the connectors incorporate 3.5mm to 6.3mm and a two prong plane connector. The links are concerning what you would expect at this sticker cost as far as fabricate quality. They’re a little on the long side, with a material wrap, and by and large knot safe regardless of whether they get somewhat clumsy because of the length.

The 99 Classics additionally have several shading choices. Normally it’s a decision among gold and silver accents with a dark casing and pecan ear cups, however there have additionally been various uncommon versions. For this survey, I had the as of now accessible (as of the distributing of this audit) extraordinary version Maple Silver. By and by I have the pecan/silver variety, however the gold has a certain jeu ne se quoi, and the Maple Silver is really enticing me to purchase a subsequent pair.


Right out of the case, the 99 Classics have an angular shape with solid bass lift, with the accentuation especially in the midbass, a sluggish roll-off from the low mids into a solid, tight cut in the midrange, and afterward great presence in the upper mids and high pitch. The effect and elements are fantastic, and the instrument tone is extremely normal. The general mark is more “bass-helped” than genuinely warm.

Presumably the most fragile components of the 99 Classics are identified with it being shut back. There’s a touch of the trademark bulge in the low mids, and the soundstage is somewhat little, in some cases leaving you with a shut in feeling. Enjoying the benefit of claiming a couple of 99 Classics and not simply putting two or three days with one, I can say with some power that some level of speaker consume in happens over the a few dozen hours of listening which significantly works on the intelligibility in the bass and low mids, and incredibly decreases any sensation of swell.

I pay attention to my own Meze 99 Classics constantly, yet they’re not exactly stock (favoring that in a moment), so for this audit I likewise took out a stock set as a reasonable reference point for the out of the crate sound. I tuned in with the iBasso DX160 and the iFi hip-dac with both adjusted and uneven links. The hip-dac + 99 Classics ended up being an extraordinary combo with the sticker price for both coming in under $500, making it an incredible pick for a reasonable convenient arrangement or an initial introduction to Hi-Fi sound.

The 99 Classics are a genuine exemplary basically in light of the fact that they remind us Hi-Fi sound isn’t just about having the most dependable conceivable sound. Regardless of whether you need it impartial, insightful, or with some additional bass, it’s tied in with tracking down the most effective way to partake in your beloved music.

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