O’Kee Tent Village Resort for guests in 2022


Mr. Veasna said the atmosphere there was great. If the moon is full at night, the moon will illuminate the sky while the moon is shining, and there will be a multitude of stars shining. Early in the morning, get up for coffee, watch the crickets fly, and play in the water below. Guests take a souvenir photos on the wooden porch at Tang Oki village. Photo of a colleague Tang Oki Village is the name of a newly created resort with a wooden restaurant to enjoy the view of Oki Mountain. The Cardamom Mountains and the slopes of the Oki Falls are the first attractions.

Due to the location far from the city center, the construction of a resort house in Tang Oki Village Resort has not yet taken shape with the service Only tents. With the achievement of a vacation home project in the next 6 months for Tang O’Kee village with a kitchen, seating area, and small pool A swim can cost from $ 150 to $ 200 for the accommodation of up to 10 guests Mr. Tuy Vannak, 31 years old, said that the resort is about 12 kilometers from the town of Chi Phat, which can drive to the resort. Easy to relax.

Currently, the resort accepts guest accommodation in the form of a tent for $ 15 for two people with amenities, pillows, a fan, and 2 bottles of water. Bottles. Mr. Tuy Vannak, the owner of Tang Oki Village Resort, briefly presented his plan to visit Ji Phat and Areng if it was good For sightseeing, guests should spend two nights in Jiphat or this tent village. When guests arrive at Ji Phat around 11 or 12 noon, they can play with the waterfall on Chi Phat, which has rust and dirt. High. In the evening, guests can relax at Tang Oki village.

The owner of the resort, which has a lot of fruit for guests, continued: “On the second day, they can visit O’Lmou Are waterfall. From Oki to Areng is about 30 kilometers, which takes about an hour. We have a motorbike for rent that costs 40,000 riels ($ 10) for one day. If they need you, they will charge 60,000 riels ($ 15) a day. ”

Guests depart from Tang O’Kee village at 7:30 am, guests arrive at Areng Lak at more than 8 am and walk around the village. At 3 or 4 pm, they return to the village at 5 pm and get ready to eat and stay overnight. For those who do not want to camp in the area of Tang Oki village, they can go back a little to the town of Chi Phat. And stay at the Sunbear Ecolodge Resort, which Vannak has been running for seven years. Located on 2 hectares of land, Sunbear Ecolodge has 10 bungalows spaced from each other, made of thatched bamboo in the center of Chi Phat village. Chi Phat commune. One-bedroom house costs $ 20, a two-bed house $ 25, and a three-family house $ 40, equipped with a fan, bathroom, hot and cold water, which is not different from Banga. The general lot.

Mr. Vannak said: “We make each house isolated from each other privately, with a gap between 10 to 15 meters and Connected by low wooden bridges. What is more special is that these bungalows are housed in the Krasna Chan plantation and surrounded by durian plantations in the style of agro-tourism.