OPPO Reno7 priced at $ 419?

If you all have $ 300 to $ 400, which smartphone should you choose? You may find it difficult to decide, right? Stop! Stop! Do not decide to change the phone too soon, wait a few days, because now OPPO is preparing to release a new series of smartphones, a new design changes the hearts of consumers, especially young friends, plus a lot of capabilities and rich features. Only then can I predict that the Reno7 will cost $ 419.

Why do I guess it has such value? What are its special features? Hope this article was helpful to all of you who want to change to a new phone:

In terms of appearance and make-up on the Reno7 Series, it is as new as ever on the previous Reno Series models. With a stylish design, easy to hold with one hand, thin, easy to put in a pocket, lightweight, and does not hurt when holding. In addition, the Reno7 Series is designed with a unique light source that illuminates the camera lens like a star in the night sky to alert you to incoming calls or messages.

In addition, the Reno7 Series is equipped with 33W SuperVOOOC fast charging power, fast charging with twin batteries, 5-layer protection, high security, providing freedom of entertainment for a long time without having to worry about the phone running out of battery or charging for a long time. No. Here are the differences between Reno7 & Reno7 Z 5G:

The Reno7 features the first IMX709 top-of-the-line selfie sensor in technology, in collaboration with Sony, capable of enhancing brightness and clarity. The Reno7 Orange is designed with high-quality Fiberglass leather, showing a luxurious civilization. In addition, Reno7 comes with 8GB (+ 5GB) RAM + 256GB ROM, double the storage capacity.

The Reno7 Z 5G is powered by a market-leading 6nm Qualcomm Snapdragon 5G chip, state-of-the-art capabilities, low-battery technology, and a well-known chip that is user-friendly and easy to handle. Stagnant with 5G internet speed.

Now, for customers who want to own an OPPO Reno7 Series smartphone, you can pre-order or Blind Order at OPPO’s partner mobile phone shops throughout Cambodia to receive a wide range of gifts, prizes, and gifts OPPO will Public announcement soon. So, to know the details, features, and real price of the new OPPO Reno7 & Reno7 Z 5G, you can watch the official launch of the OPPO Reno7 Series on March 28, 2022, at 7 pm Go. Not only that, for the live viewers, there will also be a chance to win prizes from OPPO, which include the new Reno7 smartphone | OPPO Enco Air 2 Wireless Headphones Rewards | And OPPO Watch Free smartwatch and many more prizes.

Also, now on OPPO’s Facebook page, there is a price guessing game to have a chance to win OPPO Reno7 (1 prize) and OPPO Band watch (3 prizes) with easy conditions, just click Like, Share, this one is Public and Tag to 5 friends and then comment the price you think is right below the poster that this game is playing until March 28, 2022, at 8 pm. Let! Then enter Comment to guess the price to win the prize!

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