Quick Loan account in 2022

American Bankers Association launches American Bankers Association Quick Account in American Bankers Association Mobile for new Bank customers! This quick account replaces the previous way of opening an account for the first time, which required customers to come to the branch and go through the necessary lengthy procedures.

From now into the foreseeable future, each American with a US ID card who wishes to utilize this advanced computerized financial help can open their first American Bankers Association account quickly through ABA Mobile in only a couple of moments!

Why open an American Bankers Association Quick Account?
-Check account balances, transactions, and purchases with just a few clicks.
-Open up to three mobile savings accounts
-Buy a special account number
-Receive and transfer money instantly in Cambodia
-Pay bills such as water, electricity, and garbage, repay mortgages and top up your phone
-Pay in cash by scanning a QR code at your favorite restaurant and online.
-Make cardless withdrawals by sending money to someone
-Secure every time you access and enjoy risk-free banking.


Additional functions
-Create useful templates by adding your favorite operations to the templates list
-Find the nearest American Bankers Association Bank branch, ATM, or banking service nearest you
-Find a place where you can easily scan a QR code to pay with American Bankers Association PAY
-Receive notifications immediately after each transaction.


Full terms
To open an American Bankers Association Quick Account at a place you need to

-New customer of American Bankers Association Bank
-15 years old and above
-Have an original and valid US identity card.


Important information

1. The maximum limit for daily transactions is $ 10,000.
2. The maximum limit for the monthly transactions is $ 50,000.


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