Stopping providing health insurance surgery hernia in 2022

Restrictions on the provision of the intentional insurance premium or hernia surgeons Houston texas, etc.
The Public epigastric hernia surgery Insurance Autonomous Region (hereinafter referred to as the “Autonomous Public”) may not provide insurance to the recipient if the person is in the following cases.
· In the event that the cause is due to intentional crime or serious negligence or intentional harm.
Failure to follow the instructions of the Autonomous Authority or the Intentional Medical Institution or serious negligence
· Case of refusal to provide documents in accordance with Law on Citizens ‘Health Insurance materials or failing to answer questions or diagnoses by the Law on Citizens’ no insurance surgery hernia

· In case of illness, injury, or work accident that occurs in the workplace or state affairs and must receive insurance, debt, or mental compensation in accordance with separate laws.
In case you can get the insurance money, get the money equal to the insurance fee or other money that is equal to the insurance fee from the national or provincial level according to any separate law, the Self-Service Authority does not provide the insurance fee which Equal to that amount (「Law on Citizen Health Insurance」 Article 53, paragraph 2).
Limitation of insurance premiums due to late payment of insurance premiums

– In case the registrant on behalf of the employee does not pay the insurance fee for more than 1 month, the SEA may apply for non-payment of insurance to the registrant on behalf of the employee or dependent member (referring to the spouse). Seed, etc. below) until hernia repair surgery cost is completed. However, in case of non-payment of total monthly premium service fee (excluding unpaid premiums incurred and excluding non-payment period) under 6 times or in a case under the subordinated standard set at Article 26 of the Law on Citizens’ Health Insurance, which stipulates the income and assets of members on behalf of employees or dependent members, provides for the provision of insurance coverage without restriction.

– In the event that the obligated employer pays late in paying the monthly insurance premiums and you register as a staff member for a legitimate reason, the IRS may not apply to you. Register as a member on behalf of an employee or a member in charge.

Despite the above provisions, if the permit is paid in installments, the insurance fee has not been paid by the Autonomous Authority, and the insurance service fee has been paid more than once, the insurance fee can be obtained. However, benefits may be suspended if the person who is approved for the installment cannot pay 5 times or more of the installment (or if the number of installments approved under 53 53) Paragraph 1 of the National Health Insurance Act is less than five times the number of installments). Insurance premiums received during the non-insurance period (hereinafter referred to as the “insurance premium period”) can only be valid in any of the following cases (「Law on Citizens’ Health Insurance).

· In case of unpaid insurance premiums during the second month after the Authority announces to the members that they have received the premium within the premium limit.
· In case of unpaid insurance premium payment after receiving the permit, pay in installments more than once during the second month after the Autonomous Authority announces to the member that he/she has received the insurance premium within the restricted insurance period ( However, except for the person who is authorized to pay in installments and does not pay the insurance service fee more than twice for no apparent reason).

Stopping the provision of health insurance for citizens
Reasons for stopping health insurance
In case you can get the insurance money but in any of the following points, you can not get the insurance money. However, in the case of points 3. and 4. may receive medical treatment fees.
1. Persons staying abroad
2. Soldiers on duty (including non-volunteer staff), conscripts, and senior military personnel in accordance with the “Law on Military Service”.
3. A case of imprisonment in a bank or any district.


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