What is a llwoo Foundation Scholarship?

The Ilwoo Foundation Scholarship is a full-fledged scholarship established under the auspices of the llwoo Foundation and Korean Air to provide Cambodian students with the opportunity to study engineering at a Korean university. There are 4 scholarships for students of the Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP) and ITC students, of which 2 are for Bachelor’s degrees and 2 are for Master’s. degree).

  • 5 years bachelor’s degree (plus 1-year Korean language course)

A Master’s degree lasts 3 years (plus 1-year Korean language course)

Selection Criteria
1- For bachelor’s degree

– Under 22 single, unmarried

– Students in the Faculty of Engineering

2- For master’s degree

– Under 35 years old

– Single

– Have a bachelor’s degree, want to study engineering

– Tuition Tuition Exemption

– Air Tickets

– Monthly allowance

– Health Insurance

– Korean Language Tuition Tuition Insurance

– Accommodation costs

Application deadline: Late October (subject to change). Required documents for application:

– 1 completed scholarship application (according to the prescribed form)

– 1 copy of the contract (IWF_Pledge) (according to the prescribed procedure)

– 1 copy of Self-Introduction Essay (in the prescribed format)

– 1 copy of high school diploma (original copy)

High school and university transcripts, 1 copy of English proficiency certificate (original copy)

– 1 copy of Korean language certification (original copy) (if any)

– 2 4cm * 5cm photos


For a document written in Khmer, the candidate must translate the document into English or Korean and place the translated document before or on the unedited document.

– Arrange all the documents in the order described above.

Application Tips
Before applying

Set clear goals for your future

– Start working to help the community (if possible)

Translate some important documents into English (or Korean)

– Prepare bulletins and other required diplomas

– Prepare to make a passport

– Start learning Korean (if possible)

When applying

– Check that the file is complete or not.

– Review your spelling

Before the interview

– Read the scholarship application again because the interviewer can ask you

Confirm your words

Rehearse the interview at least twice.

Some frequently asked questions are

1. Introduce yourself

2. Why do you want to study in Korea?

3. Why should we choose you?

4. What kind of study plan do you have if you get a scholarship?

5. When you come back, what will you do to help develop your country?

• Dress appropriately and clean.

Eat enough food

Arrive at the interview site at least 30 minutes early.

Interview time

> Do not lie

> Have self-confidence

> Speak clearly

> The right attitude is not stubborn.

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