What is Alternative Car Insurance 2022?

In motorcycle insurance, replacement car insurance is provided as an additional warranty. In the event of an accident or breakdown of the vehicle during the validity period, the replacement car rental service policy is provided to the insurer during the vehicle repair period at the service. In general, the route taken by the insurance company to issue a car is as follows:

  • When the vehicle is damaged due to an accident or malfunction, a replacement vehicle is provided while the vehicle is being repaired at service.
  • Experts If the vehicle reports that vehicle damage is not an obstacle to safe driving in traffic, there will be no vehicle replacement service. For example, the presence of scratches and scuffs on the hood or bumper or minor repair service is not considered an obstacle for the vehicle to operate normally.
  • In the event that the vehicle repair time in service exceeds 24 hours, a replacement vehicle is provided. Sundays are not included in the 24-hour calculation.
  • The company that will do the repairs, the company that will provide the service instead of the car, and the expert must agree on both the period of vehicle repair at the service and the period of use of the replacement vehicle to be provided. If the service representative and the loss settler can not agree, the matter is transferred to the insurance company by a specialist. The insurance company, if he agrees with this expert, the situation is reported to the service that will repair the vehicle
  • If the vehicle repair is completed before the agreed time, the vehicle to be replaced must be returned.
  • Replacement vehicles are provided to the insurer for the agreed repair period and in any case for the period specified in the policy at least twice a year.
  • The period specified in the policy is a maximum of 7 days in case of accident, theft, or theft of the car and a maximum of 2 days in case of car damage.
  • As a replacement vehicle, a contract car rental company, one of the fleets was provided. The specifications of the vehicle to be provided may vary depending on the vehicle in the fleet but should be closely related to the characteristics of the insured vehicle. Class C replacement vehicles can be offered. Insurers set the table for replaceable vehicles.
  • If a vehicle can be offered in the area by a car rental company, this service contract may be provided.
  • Replacement car, if not available, the insurer can obtain a vehicle with personal means. In this case, the car rental company has to make payment in exchange for the bill and in excess of the daily amount set by the insurance company by the due date.
  • Insurance If he has an accident outside his permanent place of residence and is provided with a replacement vehicle, the vehicle may be sent to the province where he resides at the end of this period. However, apart from this special case, the replacement car is received and delivered at the service station where the vehicle is for repair or at the office of the car rental company that has this service.

Usually, when renting a car from a car rental company, a blank credit card slide is removed or a mail order form is received. When the vehicle is returned, these are also returned to the customer. The same process applies here. Credit card, card, or e-mail order form is used when:
– If there is a traffic fine
– If the car is delivered with insufficient fuel
– If the vehicle breaks down outside the scope of the motorcycle insurance policy
– If there is a commercial loss caused by not using the rental car due to the wrong action of the guarantor
When the vehicle owner returns the vehicle outside the specified period, the cost is required by the guarantor.
Vehicle replacement applications The general exemptions applied by an insurance company are as follows:

No replacement vehicle is provided for damages that are not covered by the motorcycle personal injury insurance policy. If this situation is understood later, the given vehicle will be retrieved.
– Time elapsed for periodic repairs or maintenance unrelated to the accident is not taken into account.
– If the vehicle does not move for any reason other than the accident, the replacement vehicle will not exit.
– Bridge crossings, highway use, traffic fines, and fuel costs are covered by the insurer.
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